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Volunteering & Mentoring

Volunteering and Work Experience

 These pages have advice on how to find a place to do work experience or volunteer work and how to get the most out of it.

VolunteeringWork experience and volunteering can be valuable, eye-opening and enjoyable experiences.

You might have to do work experience for a week or two for school, or for a full year as part of your uni or TAFE course. You can also arrange it for yourself so you can get experience in an industry or a job that you're interested in.

Volunteering is another valuable way to get hands-on experience or to try out a job or an industry that you think you might like.

There are heaps of opportunities out there, and lots of organisations that are always looking for enthusiastic people willing to put in the effort. All you have to do is start looking.

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Find information about what to expect when working as a volunteer can be found at the 

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Changing Perspectives. Changing lives

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps young people who face serious adversity – those who have little opportunity to develop positive and supportive relationships with adults. Many who are hungry for friendship, guidance and acceptance.

We facilitate meaningful, monitored mentoring matches between adult volunteers (Bigs) and children living with disadvantage (Littles), ages 7 through 17. 

By positively changing the course of a young person's life, Big Brothers Big Sisters know we can build resilience and a sense of self-worth that helps them to stay at school, improve their relationships with families and their community which in turn can lead to long-term community benefits like an increase in school retention; school and community safety; and greater employment opportunities.

By connecting a disadvantaged child to a positive role model we can break the cycle of disadvantage.

What is required to be a mentor? 

All young people need a champion. A caring adult who believes in them and walks be side them, encouraging and supporting them to unlock their potential.

Mentors for BIG Futures in-school mentoring:

  • Are aged between 18 to 80 years
  • Undertake a screening process to protect the safety of the volunteer and young person
  • Receive face to face and online mentor training
  • Are supported by a mentoring professional through the whole mentoring experience.
  • Are matched to a young person at school based on interests, compatibility and location 
  • Commit to approximately one to two hours per week (depending on the BIG Futures program) during school hours for between a 12 and 22 week period.
  • Don't need qualifications, just a desire to make a difference in a young person's life and to help them build the skills and confidence needed to unlock their potential


Why You Should Get Involved

Innovation Nation is an opportunity for you to get involved in a national conversation to shape the future of Australia, backed by some of our biggest and most respected organisations, established leaders and emerging innovators.

FYA will be working tirelessly along side you to help connect you to organisations, people and resources that can help you bring your ideas to life so that you can “be the change you want to see in the world”!

Oh yeah – there are some incredible rewards on offer to the top ideas as well!  


1. Join the Young Social Pioneers 

Gain access to one of 50 spots in FYA’s Young Social Pioneers accelerator program, which will back you with skills, networks and support to help get you started, or turbocharge your idea. Find out more about Young Social Pioneers here.


2. Seed funding
As part of Young Social Pioneers, you will have the opportunity to pitch for 10 x $10,000 in seed funding to help you start, or super charge your idea.


3. Mentors
Access to inspirational mentors who can help you grow your idea and turn it into something awesome.


4. All of the fame
Innovation Nation is a great way to get your idea (and you) out there for all the world to see.


5. Change your world
Meet other young extraordinary dreamers, innovators, doers and entrepreneurs like you. Get inspired, get ideas, get support to create the change you want to see.



Innovation Nation is a youth-led conversation about innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia. It is an open challenge for dreamers and doers, innovators and entrepreneurs, to share your great ideas to create a better Australia. It’s a place to be heard, be celebrated and to get the backing you need to bring your idea to life.

All young Australians are welcome to share their vision for a stronger, brighter, better Australia. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – Innovation Nation is a community of people who are passionate about making Australia (and beyond) a better place.

The Innovation Nation challenge is open to all 13-29 year olds who are passionate about creating a better world. The Young Social Pioneers accelerator program is open to 18-29 year olds with a great idea to share. If you’re not eligible, or don’t make it into the Young Social Pioneers initiative this time, FYA will be offering plenty of other opportunities to access support for your ideas in 2015.

Your ideas can be at the the bare beginnings – a green shoot. Or they can be like a super detailed blueprint for a business to make a better Australia, with every detail thought through and mapped out.

There’s a place for you in Innovation Nation, no matter how big or small your ideas are.

Share your idea. Grow it. Bring it to life.