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About lifeLiNKS 

 is the result of a successful Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board's Capacity and Innovation Fund awarded to the Haddon Community Learning Centre. These grant  funds provide opportunities for Learn Local organisations to develop and implement projects designed to meet learner needs and to increase participation and attainment in pre-accredited and accredited training programs. The centre's vision was to create an online resource and learning tool for people in rural areas (and by default urban dwellers) to provide easy access, information and lists of services of the most useful and topical information and in particular to develop learning and life skills. 



Haddon Community Learning Centre is a "Learn Local" organisation. We deliver a wide range of programs in a friendly environment with small class sizes and great tutors, We offer convenient, welcoming and flexible learning options in pre-accredited, accredited and personal interest programs.

The centre is a community managed service that exists to provide opportunities for communities to participate in a range of educational 
and social activities aimed at enhancing knowledge, social inclusion and health and well being that is accessible to all.



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